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Thomas Properties Takes Downtown Paper Boat Race

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Yesterday was the second annual Psomas Paper Boat Race, an event which drew about two hundred people to City National Plaza to watch handmade paper boats race across the fountain (giant fans aided the "racing"). About 50 boats entered, and if it would seem that Psomas--a civil engineering firm--would have the edge in terms of vessel construction, the winner was a handsome blue and red boat built by Cathy Thomer, an executive assistant at Thomas Properties, that real estate firm that's working on 717 W. 9th and the Wilshire Grand hotel (among other projects). Many boats sank; this one did not. Thomer explained her construction technique: "I looked at some web sites and I also collaborated with some people in the office." The event raised more than $3,000 for the Los Angeles Food Bank.
· Psomas [Official Site]