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EaterTastings: Ruby's Shake Shack Opening in Malibu, Hollywood's Capital City, Rosa Mexicana Coming to LA Live

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The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog...

MALIBU: Just in time for summer, Ruby's Shake Shack (pictured) is set to open June 28. Even better, Ruby's is giving away free burgers, fries and shakes that day. And in perhaps a nod to another burger stand, there are two secret menu items, the Malibu Mudpie Shake and Beach Burger.

HOLLYWOOD: Moving into the old Goa location on Cahuenga, an "upscale" sports bar to be named Capital City (isn't that a Simpsons reference?). Set to open Aug 1, the building is meant to evoke bars "along the D.C. waterfront" with an additional bar-within-a-bar, a British pub called The Chelsea Arm. Now you'll have a place to go when Big Wang's across the street is, um, too engorged.

DOWNTOWN: NYC may have us beat on pizza and bagels, but never on Mexican food. Yet LA Live is getting NY import Rosa Mexicana, moving into the complex in August.
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