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CurbedWire: More Parking Lots for Downtown, 4848 Wilshire Questions

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DOWNTOWN: Once the site of a rust-colored building, this lot across from LA Live is now being turned into a parking lot, according to the construction guys working on the site. Now LA Live is even more firmly flanked by parking lots. Update: As a reader points out, this is the site of the former Baker Hotel. [Curbed Staff]

MID-WILSHIRE: A question about that peachy-colored development on Wilshire. Via the InBox: "Curbed, 4848 Wilshire is still having open houses every weekend, but I don't think they are selling AT ALL. What is the deal with the project?" Agreed. The 20-unit project is showing 12 units for sale on Redfin (and no recent sales). And we'd previously been told that the developers aka investors were keeping some of the units for themselves. Godspeed, 4848. [Curbed InBox]


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