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But Smoking Is Terrible for You, Bratton

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Over at the Los Angeles Times, columnist Steve Lopez is keeping an eye on the $438.6 million new Los Angeles Police Department headquarters, a building perpetually in the news because of one controversy or another. The latest rumor: LAPD Chief Bratton wanted a small patio built off the building so he could light up a cigar if he wanted. Is it true? Who knows! Let's listen in to Lopez: "The only dirt I had left was a rumor that a 10th floor patio was built off of Chief Bill Bratton's office so he could light a cigar now and then, so I asked Cora Jackson Fossett of the city Public Works Department if that was true. 'The patio lends itself to many uses, such as employee recognition ceremonies, retirement receptions and other small gatherings,' she said. That doesn't sound to me like it rules out cigar smoking." [LA Times]