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Not Over for RV Parking in Venice

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Even though the Coastal Commission shot down a plan last week to create permit parking in Venice, a move that would have made it harder for all those RVs to park in the neighborhood, it doesn't sound like the issue is over. According to The Argonaut, City Council Bill Rosendahl is now looking at other ways of dealing with the RVs. Via the paper: "Rosendahl said he intends to pursue other proposals such as an ordinance restricting overnight parking of certain oversize vehicles and programs similar to one in Eugene, Oregon where people can park in designated lots to sleep overnight. He said he also wants to meet with leaders of groups who opposed OPDs and hear what solutions they may have." The St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane Co's web site has more information on how one of Eugene's program works: According the site, a business, non-profit organization or government office can basically turn over their parking lot. It's sounds a lot like a host situation. "Vehicle campers call the OPP for an interview appointment to discuss their needs. Applicants may be asked to agree to a criminal background check. The camper may be assigned a parking location at this time or be put on a waiting list. The program coordinator then makes the best possible matches, selecting campers based on the criteria established by a host facility." [The Argonaut]