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Waxing Poetic About West Hollywood's Tara

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This article in the WeHo News is either over our heads, written by someone who enjoys the ganja, or strangely beautiful. Lynn Russell's piece centers on the meanings behind the name Tara, which is the moniker for a historic Laurel Avenue colonial-revival that will most likely be turned into senior housing. Russell ponders over whether it was a love of Buddhism or Gone With the Wind that motivated previous, and now deceased, Tara owner Elsie Weisman to give her estate that name. "One could consider the entire dynamic of this picture as it perhaps may have influenced Margaret Mitchell's work of fiction embracing the Irish O'Hara family and it's significance in the Civil War setting and how it is playing out today in the citizens attempt to give credibility to WeHo's concept of Historic Preservation and encouraging fair and ethical dealings at all levels within the entire community. There is always an opportunity planned or unplanned to come into balance with the evolving consciousness of the times." The piece has an editor's note that reads: "This article originally appeared with edits that changed the item's tone from purely educational to editorial. We have returned it to the originally submitted version, with apologies to Ms. Russell and to our readers for our error."
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