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Ask Curbed: Where Do Architects Live in LA?

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[The founders of LOC Architects combined two small apartments to create an indoor/outdoor live/work space on Chung King Road. This is also their residence]

Via the InBox: "Hey, Curbed, what do you think are the most architect-filled neighborhoods? I mean actual architects living in the area (not architecture)." Since it's difficult to recognize an architect, the question was punted to an actual architect, who wrote back with some answers. Yes, architects have some extra time on their hands these days.

Architect MS writes:

1. Venice – I’d say this neighborhood mostly attracts more established, 40-something architects?they live in their own-designed homes along the canals and walk streets.

2. National Boulevard Apartments (10565 National Boulevard). What to know: Party-friendly Ray Kappe-designed apartments (1954) with great patios. They recently had a 1-BR available for $1,295.

3. American Cement Co. Building (2404 Wilshire Boulevard). Old school DMJM modern office building (1964) graced by sculptural pre-cast concrete grid; now coveted live-work lofts.

4. Silver Lake - cradle of CA modern! Great views and bi-annual architect-stocked fetes at restaurant Casita del Campo. Plus, there’s Speranza (2547 Hyperion Ave), a Silver Lake BYOB restaurant owned by OMA alum.

5. South Park - LEED-certified loft-style living walking distance to downtown firms.

6. Chinatown: Architects have done some interesting live/work spaces along Chung King Road.

7. NELA (Mt. Washington, Highland Park, Glassell Park, Eagle Rock). Availability of affordable fixers! Plus, shop space, hip neighbors, and outskirts cachet.
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