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Get Your Gold Here

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There's still no opening date announced, but the eastside extension of the Gold Line has a sparkling new web site. Included on the site are maps of the eight stations that stretch from Union Station through the Arts District into Boyle Heights and finally terminating on Atlantic Boulevard in East LA. Additionally, look for a timeline of events that recaps the nine years of planning for the extension, information on all the Chinese graves that were uncovered during excavation for the tunnel, as well as a computer-generated video of the train that, as Angelenic's twitter points out, looks very much like Sim City. For anyone using this line as a way to get to Downtown for a night of partying, you may want to just stay out really late—the last train departs Union Station at 12:14 am, while the next one is only three and a half hours later at 3:40 am. [Metro]