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Everyone Loves A Parade? Maybe Not

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While it looks like the Lakers parade will be partially funded by private donations (among others, AEG may be ponying up), a move that'll offset criticism that the cash-strapped city shouldn't be paying for the event, Councilman Dennis Zine is calling for the parade to be canceled. "I think a parade offers hooligans an opportunity to be destructive again," Zine told Fox News. "I don't see any kind of a win if a major stretch of road is blocked off for this parade and it's infiltrated by the thugs and the gang members that are in the community." At this point, the parade is supposed to start at Staples and extend down Figueroa to the Coliseum, a route that has been criticized by Blogdowntown: "Are strip malls and car dealerships really the visuals Los Angeles wants to feature in its celebration?" UPDATE: All is fine, bring the kids: LAPD has announced they will bring their mobile jail to the parade, according to the Los Angeles Times. [Fox News]