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Homeowners Take On Disney*

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The Glendale News Press has the latest on four similar lawsuits brought by residents in and around Burbank that claim that Disney contaminated groundwater with toxic chemicals. Let's learn about hexavalent chromium, shall we? "In the latest lawsuit, filed last week in Los Angeles Superior Court by the Sacramento-based firm Kershaw Cutter & Ratinoff LLP on behalf of 16 people with strong ties to the Rancho District, the plaintiffs claim Disney dumped wastewater contaminated with hexavalent chromium from its on-site cooling systems down the centerline of Parkside Avenue, toward Parish Place and across Riverside Drive into the so-called Polliwog, an 11-acre parcel near the studio’s Imagineering facilities." The paper goes on to detail all the disturbing illnesses that homeowners believe can be attributed to the dumping. The Burbank Leader first reported on the suit last week, but Disney officials are denied all the charges. In addition, they note that a "October 2006 soil investigation by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control that found chromium levels in the area 'below levels of concern” and well within state and EPA regulations," according to the GNP. "In light of this, we believe these lawsuits are grossly inaccurate and meritless,” spokesman Jonathan Friedland told the paper. *UPDATED: Our mistake. Same reporter wrote stories for both papers. [GNP/Burbank Leader]