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CurbedWire: Red Cup Party Heads to Koreatown's Solair, Downtown Boat Race

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KOREATOWN: Watch out, here comes the red cup crew. A reader forwards an invite for a party this weekend at that new Koreatown development Solair. And everyone thought you'd be so mild-mannered, Solair! Not so much. "We invite you to the very first Daytime Pool Party for the Asian American Party Scene in LA! Located at SOLAIR complex, in the heart of K-Town in Los Angeles ...$500 VIP Poolside Cabana Packages. 8 free admission tickets, 2 FREE bottles of Champagne. Come join us for some SUN, MUSIC & BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ... See you at the pool!" [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Moving on to more innocent events: This Thursday is the annual Psomas Paper Yacht Challenge. Last year's boat race looked mighty fun. Details about the event (all the proceeds go to Los Angeles Regional Foodbank) via the official web site. [Curbed InBox]

And the link.


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