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Things Got A Little Nutty in Downtown Tonight

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This smashed 2001 Lexus at Pico and 11th was probably the worst of what we witnessed in terms of hooligan behavior in downtown following tonight's Laker win. "There were about thirty people trying to kill that car,” said Angelica McGinnis, a security guard at Universal Protection Services, who was working at the parking lot on 11th. According to McGinnis, the group snaked a plastic bag into the gas tank in an attempt to light the parked Lexus on fire. Ironically, McGinnis seemed far more freaked out by the scene than the owner of the car, Charles (he didn’t want give his last name), who told us said he’d come down to Staples with a group after watching the game at Margarita Jones in Pasadena. Mostly, he just seemed amused by the whole situation. Also, Charles, who came back to his car about 25 minutes after it'd been vandalized, was trying to figure out how to file a police report. “If I didn’t have insurance, I’d be pissed," he said. "Even though my car gets smashed, at the end of the day, the Lakers won." Nice attitude, guy. The Los Angeles Times also has a round-up of the latest in terms of the scene in downtown after the game. UPDATE: Via a reader, video footage shot from Renaissance Towers of the Shell Station being rushed.

It looked like two windows were smashed at Grand Lofts at 12th and Grand.

Two trash bin fires on Olive and 9th:

And this link has a short video that shows the smoke and riot police walking down the street.