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Prefab 3.0

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So what's the future of prefab now that Michelle Kaufmann has gone out of business and Marmol Radziner is currently focusing on churning out cabinets rather than homes? The LA Times Christopher Hawthorne poses the question, and ironically, Kaufmann may have the best answer. Agreeing that the "suburban, mass-production model" probably isn't the answer for high-end prefab, Kaufmann "sees her future largely in helping develop prefab infill apartment complexes and cooperative housing." And what of using cost-cutting shipping containers? We caught up with shipping container architect Peter DeMaria last week, who told us that he is in fact "busier than ever" with container projects. "We're doing anything but shutting down," he said. In addition to being niche, it likely helps to have corporate sponsors: DeMaria's recent projects include shipping container work for Target and Red Bull, and he's working on three new container homes and a yet-to-be-announced project in the South Bay. [LA Times]