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Rent Check: Neutra's Poster Apartments in North Hollywood

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Every so often a unit in Richard Neutra's Poster Neutra building on Radford Avenue in North Hollywood comes up for rent. The eight-unit apartment building was Neutra's take on affordable housing and won the LA Conservancy's Preservation Award in 2006. There's no word on the size of this unit, which is asking $1,275, but the listing notes apartment is 50 percent bigger than the one pictured above. Also, as previously pointed out in past Craigslist ads, this neighborhood may have some drawbacks. And so says the poster. And even more via the listing: "Our little community is now populated by folks who REALLY appreciate the building and their apartments. Fittingly, our residents are much like the folks Richard Neutra originally designed the building to accommodate: - we're very high on the artist/craftsperson/academic quotient." More photos over here.
· $1275 / 1br - You'll look back and call it the best place you ever lived... (North Hollywood)
· Why Buy a Neutra When You Can Rent? [Curbed LA]