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PriceChopper: Venice's Dogtown Station Drops

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If there have been any significant pricechops at Dogtown Station, that 35-unit loft development on Main Street, we haven't seen them. So it seems worth pointing out that over the weekend prices dropped at this Venice project, which opened for last summer. The development has a lot going for it: It's walking distance to the shops, restaurants and bars along Abbott Kinney and the beach, but there also may be some drawbacks: At the open house last year, there were grumblings that a $1 million loft would come with a view of the bus yard. However you feel about the project, here's your summer chop. About 10 units have dropped, and a 1,432 square foot unit that was $899,000 is now $849,000. Additionally, a 1,625 square unit that was listed at $1.050 million is now $950,000. Christina Garcia-Girot, real estate agent with Bluewave Group (which seems to have taken over sales relatively recently), says 17 units are still available for sale, so to date, 18 have either sold or are spoken for.
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