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Woodland Hills Corporate Center Gets Its Ohm On

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[Photo by Chun Y Lai]

Opening tomorrow in LNR Warner Center in Woodland Hills, artist Stephen Glassman's large-scale "sculptural plaza" meant to evoke a "meditative retreat" called White Tail Plaza. The 4,000 square foot plaza features two rock "islands" in the center, designed to glow from within and illuminate the plaza around sunset. The plaza also features (god help us) a "maelstrom of steel emerg[ing] from the larger of these islands and unwinds toward the sky evoking an aviary space." Because the LA river once ran through Woodlands Hills, Glassman intended to memorialize the history of the land in the work. Glassman's work has been exhibited everywhere from the Moscow Circus to the Paris Opera to the Santa Monica Museum of Art.
· Stephen Glassman's White Tail Plaza Transforms a Corporate Complex into a Meditative Retreat [Art Knowledge News]