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The Way We Were: Housing Halloween Costumes Are Funny

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The Way We Were looks back at some of the antics, fashions, and embarrassments of the real estate boom years. Big hair, big jumbo loans, big mistakes? Send photos and tips to

An attorney for the city of Los Angeles, Charles Sewell sends in the following photo of his 2005 Halloween costume, and writes: "After failing to purchase a condo in 2004 after an exhaustive search, I became a huge fan of Ben Jones' Housing Bubble Blog...I was looking for condos in West LA, Westwood, Downtown LA, Silverlake, Echo Park, Mid-City and Hollywood. All 2 bedrooms were 550k and up and barely around 1000 square feet. My price range was $400,000-$600,000. I became a believer in the idea that housing was going to crash because price gains were all based on loose lending practices. I became known as "Bubble Boy" in the office (as in, watch out for him, if you mention housing, he'll talk your ear off for an hour!) I embraced the Bubble Boy moniker and dressed as a housing bubble for Halloween '05."
· Ben Jones' Housing Bubble Blog [BJHBB]