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CurbedWire: Ashton Westwood Rising, Elleven Short Sale Update

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WILSHIRE CORRIDOR: Among all the fancy condos rising or planned along Wilshire Blvd, let's not forgot our friends from Texas. Houston-based company Hanover Company, who did the 717 Olympic building, the Viridian along Wilshire, and the on-hold Santa Monica project, is also behind this new rental building. This the very fancy sounding Ashton Westwood at 10700 Wilshire. Meanwhile, a commenter recently remarked that following the real estate bust, Hanover had fled LA to go back Texas, which is probably totally off, but makes an appealing visual. No one from Hanover returned calls. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: A report from a reader who looked at that Elleven short sale that was listed at $279,000. "I stopped by Elleven... They claim that they have five offers already on it.Then I decided to do a tour of Evo-South, since they are having a sale. Great building. But very cold. Curious to know how tight those residential rules are. Any way they claim to have sold around 30 units since the sale began. Also very open about the fact that the reduced HOAs will go back up next year. Building is also approaching 51% occupancy, so they say." [Curbed InBox]

Ashton Westwood

10700 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA