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Curbed Poll: Soriano-Designed Fixer in View Park

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Sending in this curious listing, a reader writes: "I have no idea where it is - too lazy to look it up. At $499k, even with a couple hundred thousand in (potential?) structural and cosmetic work it would still seem like a reasonable deal - for someone who could afford it." We're not sure we agree. Comps in View Park, where the house is located, average $235 per sq foot. Just based on asking price, the price per square foot is $302, a significant premium for a lesser known Soriano. (We couldn't find a mention of this house in our LA architecture bible, nor on Wikipedia, nor anywhere else we looked other than the broker's listing). But wait, there's more. The four bedroom, two bath 1,652 square foot house is a fixer. According to the listing, the "house needs extensive work, bring your contractor." It's also a "probate listing with court approval and subject to overbid. All offers with 10% deposit." But on a more positive note, it also has "270 degree treetop views from North to Downtown and the South East" and a "Nice size back yard with room for pool." Listing is here.