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Ever since Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that 220 state parks may be shut due to budget cuts, the non-profit California State Parks Foundation has been flooding the governor's office with letters of opposition, reports the Palisades Post. And why not? According to the paper, Schwarzenegger abandoned plans to close 48 state parks (Topanga and Will Rogers State Historic Park included) last year after getting letters from park advocates. But it sounds like email is the best way to reach Sacramento. Traci Verardo-Torres, the California State Foundation's vice president of government affairs tells the paper that the foundation inadvertently jammed the governor's and legislators' fax machines---breaking two of the fax machines--and is now resorting to email. Meanwhile, if the parks close, can one still walk in? recently posed the question to Sheryl Watson, Information Officer with the California State Parks. "We rely on the public to be respectful. We are asking the public not to go into these parks that are closed." [PP]