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Housing & The Mayor: Success, Says Jewish Journal

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Los Angeles magazine may be no fan of Mayor Villaraigosa, but the Jewish Journal likes Antonio. If Los Angeles magazine accused the mayor of making a number of missteps in regards to development, including refusing to push for affordable housing in new developments, the Journal says the mayor has supported mixed-income housing, partnered with nonprofits to ease foreclosures, and pushed for tougher regulations on so-called "slum buildings." Wow, those are two really opposing views. Additionally the Journal says our former president is to blame for our housing and transit woes ("Under Bush, federal funding for housing, public transit and other urban programs was cut"). But amongst all the back-patting, the Journal finds time to gently urge the mayor to pass an official mixed-income ordinance and to push for mid and hi-rise development around transit stops because "Los Angeles outgrew its suburban roots years ago when the freeways became parking lots."
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