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Sunset Junction Festival Still in Limbo

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It's fair to say the fate of this year's Sunset Junction street festival is unclear, according to the Los Angeles Weekly. Tickets have already gone on sale for the event, but according to the Weekly, but permits for the event haven't been approved. "Two months before the festival, Garcetti’s staff is still weighing the situation. Officially, they have requested that [the Sunset Junction Neighborhood Alliance] SJNA meet certain criteria before gaining the council’s support, the most critical of which is submitting a written proposal addressing all concerns raised by Silver Lake residents and business owners. According to district representatives, without this, Sunset Junction’s permits will not be approved." Earlier this year, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council voted to oppose the festival in its current form, but it's not clear if they now support the event. After last years' debacle of a festival (some attendees paid $20 to get into the festival amid reports that it was actually supposed to be a free event), there have been concerns about the future of the concert. Who wants to know if that Sotheby's booth will show up this year? [LA Weekly]