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Breaking: RVs Win, Coastal Commission Denies Permit Parking in Venice*

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Yo Venice is reporting that the Coastal Commission voted against allowing overnight parking restrictions today. " Saying that it was not consistent with the coastal act to limit use of the beach to only residents between 2-5 am, and what coastal commissioner Mary Shallenberger said was “not (the coastal commission') job to be the balance between homeless and residents”, the coastal commission voted against overnight parking regulations in Venice today." According to Venice Paper, the vote was 9 - 1 with one abstention. This goes against what the majority of Venice residents voted for back in February--they wanted stricter overnight parking rules and ultimately more control over parking spots and the RVs that squat in the neighborhood. UPDATE: Today's news is a total turnaround from an earlier Los Angeles Time story that stated that the staff of the California Coastal Commission had recommended approving permit parking zones in five areas. And to be clear, today's vote basically this means that the RV contingent wins. [Yo Venice/Venice Paper]