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Good Gold Line News: Lake Station Makeover

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Brigham Yen and his Pasadena Updates blog report that aesthetic upgrades on the Lake Avenue stop on the Gold Line are moving swiftly forward. Work began a few months ago to make the 'Dena station more "visually substantial and pedestrian friendly"—it's above a median in the 210 freeway—with new lighting and canopies. No word on whether "Everyday People," artist Pat Ward Williams' piece within the Lake station, will be gussied up (Metro describes the artwork as "large scale, black & white photo portraits of people caught in everyday gestures [that produce]... a moving dialogue between the actual and the illustrated"). The light and canopy improvements (Metro rendering attached) should be ready in the fall. Hopefully, the Eastside extension should be open by then.
· Lake Avenue Upgrades Continue [Brigham Yen's Pasadena Updates]