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On the Racked: LoftSeven Twins, Origami Vinyl Guests, Chinatown's Ludwig

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The latest shopping news from our street obsessed sister, Racked LA....

DOWNTOWN: Starting this Sunday, event space LoftSEVEN is throwing itself into the sample sale biz. And you can get soused. According to Racked LA, "LoftSEVEN events are tipped to be just as much about the socializing as the shopping—open bar, DJs, sexy rooftop views and all." Additionally, last we heard the owner--who wanted the event space to be staffed entirely by twins and triplets--had hired two sets of twins (both sets are male). No word on the triplet situation.

ECHO PARK: How's that for an ideal marketing partner? Sonic Youth has taken over Echo Park record store Origami Vinyl, all part of what looks to be a promotion to bring attention to their new album, The Eternal. The album came out two days ago.

CHINATOWN: Is Chinatown the epicenter for cool men's clothing? Meet Ludwig, a new menswear store opening in Chinatown. The store, inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven sells "nylon jackets, denim, and subtle graphic tees," and expect "toys, accessories and books" to follow.
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