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PriceUpper: Mulholland Mid-Century Returns

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A reader points out that in its past life, this four-bedroom home on Mulholland Drive was a short sale that sold in April for $970,000. Now it's reborn, back on the market for $1.25 million, or available for lease for $5,400. "I know it was tented...but didn't see any other major work. What are they thinking?" he writes. Perhaps they are thinking they would like to get the home's 2006 sale price price $1.295 million. More from the listing: "Sprawling mid-century with great views of the Valley and city lights from the living room and dining room. Lots of room for entertaining indoors or out at the pool. Fruit trees in the backyard and tons of privacy. Also for lease @ 5,400/month. Wonderland School District."
· 8520 MULHOLLAND Dr [Redfin]