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Weed Shop Clampdown

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The Los Angeles Times covers yesterday's City Council hearing to close the hardship exemption status that allowed so many marijuana dispensaries to open in the last year. (And KPCC has the hard numbers: "There are an estimated 600 pot stores in Los Angeles. Oakland, by comparison, has four." In addition to closing the loophole exemption status, the "council also rejected a dozen applications from dispensaries that sought permission to operate despite the city's moratorium and prepared to extend the ban for six months beyond its expiration in September," according to the Times. Will the dispensaries sue? It's not clear, but according to the story, three dispensaries companies, including L.A. Collective showed up yesterday at the City Council meeting. Judging from their MySpace page, LA Collective may be too busy smoking pot to get it together to sue. No book recommendations? [LA Times]