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Great White Shark Posters Explained Via Jessica Alba

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[ Image on left via Bel Air blog; on right via the Lost Ogle]
Remember when that image of a Great White shark appeared on that utility box outside the Bel Air West Gate and everyone was confused? It turns out that the images were put up to call attention to illegal shark fin hunting, although as one blogger points out, it looks like these posters could have been advertising Shark Week on Animal Planet. The posters are up all over Los Angeles, but the more interesting angle is that last week, actress Jessica Alba went on a rampage in Oklahoma City, putting up the posters all over the damn city. Unlear why Alba was in Oklahoma City, but here she is in a cute outfit putting up the posters. And then of course, TMZ picked up the story and now Alba has issued an apologized, saying she shouldn't have vandalized Oklahoma City with shark posters, and it's turned into an uncomfortable mess. Although this has resulted in more publicity--and an explanation!--for those Great White Shark images. The sharks are quietly pleased celebrities are such lunatics.
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