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Gold Line Set to Flatten You in August?

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Politicians and MTA officials came out yesterday to go over a safety walk-through at the Metro Gold Line Little Tokyo / Arts District Station, reports the Little Tokyo Blog, noting that the line is now set "for full operation sometime in August." That's the second mention of an August opening in 24 hours. Meanwhile, there is some concern that someone will be run over at this station, according to the Little Tokyo Blog. Fearmongering alert: "Upon walking up to the track crossing at the NE corner of 1st and Alameda, one is immediately struck at how "open" the crossing is, with little to keep a pedestrian from accidentally walking or falling over the tracks at an oncoming train...Many in the group were equally dismayed at the lack of barriers or gates to prevent an accident." Last month, similar complaints were made about this under-construction line and the Blue Line, and here's what Metro spokesman Rick Jager told an NBC reporter: "It's really been an evolving process over the last 20 years. We need a partner here and that partner is the public. They need to be aware that trains have the right of way and they need to stop, look and listen." [Little Tokyo Unblogged]