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South Park Sale Continues: Evo Lowers HOAs, Chops A Unit

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People, people, people! A PriceChop like this puts pressure on the competitors. Ahem, Concerto. Yesterday, this 1,100 square foot unit, a one-bedroom, one-and-a-half bath at downtown's Evo development dropped from $399,000 to $350,000. And it's not a short sale or a foreclosure or some other type of headache. Additionally, the developer has also slashed Homeowners Association fees (HOAs) across the board for the reminder of the year. So this third floor unit, which used to have monthly HOAs of $619 is now dangling HOAs of $529. (Residents who already live in the building will also see their HOAs drop.) Didn't we just say that South Park is getting nearly affordable?
· 1155 S GRAND Ave #303 [Redfin]
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