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Robert AM Stern Tower Proposed for Wilshire Corridor

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Meet the Wilshire Gayley, that long planned tower set to rise on the site of the old Hollywood Video building at Wilshire Blvd and Gayley Avenue. You may recognize the slim tower as the work of New York-based architect Robert AM Stern (also behind Related Co's Century project), while the developer here is Kambiz Hekmat. A local developer, Hekmat is playing it safe and requesting two development options (all based on market conditions): A hotel and 10 condos, or an 144-unit condo building. Both options would have ground floor retail, restaurant, and a business center. And most interesting: According to the documents submitted this week to the city's planning department (the documents are dated June 2009), "construction of the project would begin in approximately the third quarter of 2009 and would end in 2012." Who knows if that'll actually happen? For his part, Hekmat declined to comment on the project.

And what we are guessing is the view from Gayley:

Excerpt from Planning Department: "The project would require the demolition of an existing one-story commercial building on the south parcel. The Applicant is requesting review of two development options. Option 1 would result in the development of a 134-room luxury business hotel and 10 for sale condominiums. Option 2 would result in the development of 144 condominium units. Both options would have approximately 6,510 square feet of ground floor retail uses. Amenities in both options would include a public restaurant, a coffee shop, a business center with meeting rooms, a swimming pool, a spa, and a fitness center. The building envelope and exterior treatment would be the same for either option. The building, which would contain approximately 303,709 gross square feet of floor area, would be 29 stories and approximately 427 feet in height. Parking would be provided in a four level, approximately 200-space subterranean garage."

· Draft EIR [City Planning Dept]

Wilshire Gayley

Wilshire Blvd. & Gayley Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024