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That's Rather Hideous: Pepto Pink in Studio City

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While this house might upset our stomach (as well as our eyes), the owner clearly views the world through rose-tinted Pepto-pink-tinted glasses. Why else live inside an antacid bottle? Perhaps more disturbing than the color, is the Equus-style horse obsession, found in decorative touches throughout the house but culminating in the deeply disturbing, full-scale carousel horse mounted in the living room. Paging Dr. Dysart. We have a new patient for you. The owners are clearly collectors - we spot a collection of mounted handbags, baseball caps, cowboy boots (for the horse wrangling?), and needlepoint pillows. But hey, at least there's a pool. The two-bedroom, two bath house in Studio City was last sold in May 2004 for $933,409. Today's asking price: $699,000 or $407 per square foot.
12326 Milbank St Studio City, CA 91604 [Redfin]