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No Condos, But Pretty Flowers for Hollywood Lot

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If rumors percolated that a future park or condo development might come when an abandoned lot at the corner of Ivar and Franklin in Hollywood was purchased last year from former owner CalTrans, the new owner, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, wants no such thing. George Abrahams, the volunteer conservator working for the SMMC, says the bougainvillea-covered one-acre space will be tended to: wildflowers are being planted and an irrigation system planned. As far as visiting this little island of nature, forget about it. Abrahams says the lot is designated by the Conservancy as a "restoration area," which means no public access. "There has been discussion to allow daytime access," Abrahams writes in an email. "However, the problems with that option are daunting. Despite the presence of fences and the posting of signs prohibiting loitering and encampments, all of the parks in the area have been immediately taken over by the transients and local residents are scared away....The amount of Conservancy ranger man-hours that would be needed to maintain public safety is just not available." At least it looks pretty from the street.
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