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CurbedWire: Twice-Baked Rebuilding? Dwell Discounts

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VENICE: Since the last visit, there has been movement at that twice-burned house on Palms Blvd. Readers will recall that the front half of the house burned in the fall, and then two month later, the back of the house caught fire. Not sure when it went up, but there's a work order on the fence of site (the charred structure has been demo'd). The work doesn't seem to be moving very quickly, however, so perhaps things are stalled. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: Who doesn't need a discount these days? Dwell is offering discounts to Curbed readers for the conference/home tours. To save $15 on Exhibition Plus (that's up to 60% off), use the code "DWELLCURBED". To save $50 on Dwell's Conference Plus (up to 33% off but not valid with Early Bird pricing), use the code "DWELL988L". Happy house ogling. [Curbed InBox]