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Beginning To Like This Guy

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After expediting $67 million to the soon-to-open Gold Line extension, brand-new transportation secretary Ray LaHood announced this morning that California, along with Florida, is at the top of his list to get a chunk of the $8 billion that the feds plan to dole out this year to high-speed rail projects, reports The Wall Street Journal. There will be another one billion doled out once a year for the next five years for various projects, but lines that are advanced in planning, like California's, should be getting the most help. LaHood's announcement comes a day after San Francisco mayor, and maybe future governor, Gavin Newsom lobbied LaHood for high-speed rail bucks (starting to like him better, too). Not all is rosy is high-speed land; there's still those lawsuits brewing upstate over pushing the line underground. [Wall Street Journal]