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Homeowners Sue Over Huntington Library Traffic

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After making headlines for its controversial coyote-catching practices, the Huntington Library is back in the news again: A group called the South Allen Homeowner's Association filed a lawsuit yesterday against the city of San Marino over traffic-related problems related to the Huntington, reports the San Marino Tribune. More information about the situation via the Pasadena Star News: "The problem for the Allen homeowners is that virtually everyone who drives to the library comes down Allen to do so - the entrance is at the dead end of the avenue, a straight shot from the 210 Freeway. It's almost impossible [for residents] to get out of their driveways because of the traffic." But the Pasadena Star News also questions whether all the Allen traffic is related to the Huntington. Meanwhile, the San Marino Tribune gets a statement from the South Allen Neighborhood Association President Terry Fitch: "We have approached the City of San Marino and the Huntington Library for over three years asking for relief from the uneven traffic strain on our neighborhood. Unfortunately, while the Huntington continues to grow, there has been no consideration to the many families who consider themselves good neighbors. We are simply asking the court to enforce state law requiring the Huntington Library to comply with conditions of operation that protect our neighborhood environment.”
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