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Inside the Emerald Palace That is 655 Hope

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A mad dash was taken today through 655 Hope, that downtown office building turned 80-unit condo that recently announced pricing. It was a mad dash because: 1. The electricity in the units isn't on yet, so don't judge the quality of photos too harshly 2. Construction is still just slowly wrapping up. Pictured in the gallery is a 1,154 square foot unit that's asking $665,000. The windows are vary large, as are the ceiling heights (11 feet plus) so the non-opening of the windows isn't as problematic as one might think. And in a bold and intriguing design choice, the developer has painted the walls of the units, as well as the hallways, a very light minty green color. Meanwhile, the sales team tells us it's mostly single guys coming through to look at the units, and most of the buyers are interested in using the condos a pied a terres because they work in either downtown, or Orange County, or New York. And want a crash pad as it were. And for those who care about such things, parking takes up the first five levels; residences start on the sixth floor.
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