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Barrington Project Brings Out Pitchforks in Mar Vista

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[Image via Barrington Manor Apts]
The Argonaut is reporting that residents of Mar Vista are upset that the Planning Department voted to push through the 92-unit condominium development at 3160-3178 S. Barrington Avenue,despite a settlement reached between the developer, locals and City Councilman Bill Rosendahl that the project would be only 48 units (in return, the council granted a waiver to the developer over parking spaces). According to locals, the "good faith agreement" reached between the three groups has been breached. Via the paper:

The Westdale Homeowners Association has filed an appeal to the approval, which the community council supports. The association had only ten days to file the appeal after it learned of the commission’s actions on April 13th. Approximately 30 residents and tenants gathered outside one of the buildings slated for demolition to protest Assil’s proposed development on April 23rd, the day after the advisory council joined forces with the homeowners group. Planning Director Gail Goldberg didn't return calls to the Argonaut, but Rosendahl tells the paper he is against the project as it stands now.
· Residents cry foul after condo project is approved [The Argonaut]