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On the Racked: Sunset Circuit City, Dov Speaks, Virgin MegaStore Clearance

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The latest shopping and retail news from our street-obsessed sister, Racked LA...

SILVER LAKE: CIM has found a tenant for its Circuit City store on Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake, according to the real estate agent repping 1446 Virgil, the .38 acre-parking lot that's used as a spillover lot for the Circuit City parking lot, and which is now for sale for $650,000. There was a lot of chatter about what would go into the Circuit City space: At least some Silver Lake residents were hoping for a grocery store or a roller rink. An inquiry was made to CIM about the tenant.

LOS ANGELES: Too little, too late? "The media has misinformed the public that American Apparel supposedly plans to make Woody Allen's personal life the central focus of our defense. This is false." So says Dov Charney in a statement that weighs in on the whole Woody Allen billboard mess. And there's more.

LOS ANGELES: More closings, more sales. Given that they are shutting down their Hollywood space in June, the Virgin Megastore has been hacking prices: Right now everything is between 10% and 30% off. Our savvy shopping sister fills us in: "Given the way Virgin tends to run constant sales, a CD or DVD priced at 20% off might not actually be a bargain, but we suspect discounts will deepen as the closing date approaches."
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