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New to Market: Remodel in Westchester, Sign of the Times?

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Forwarding a listing for a three-bedroom that's asking $745,000, a loyal reader writes: "Oxymoron = a Westchester mid-century. An LA neighborhood that never sees anything remotely modern, ever. Now a very slow gentrification process seems to be occurring --from timewarp '70s cottages to Venice-like remodels. This is the only retro modern house on the market --in the past 3-4 years I've been looking." The reader also points out that the area has seen the new Custom Hotel open, while rental development Playa Del Oro and Bristol Farms are forthcoming. She writes: "Perhaps people are realizing how relatively cheap it is near LAX -- yet still get a beach nearby -? (no matter how unglamorous)."
· 7531 W 90TH St [Redfin]