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On the 15 and Development

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Last week, Paul Koretz and David T. Vahedi, both of whom are running for City Councilman Jack Weiss's seat in the 5th District, held a debate at Skirball Cultural Center. One interesting topic arose when Mariel Garza, editorial page editor of the Los Angeles Daily News, asked both candidates about development outside their districts. Asked Garza: "Should council members weigh on in developments outside their districts, and what projects in other districts would they oppose?" Here is an excerpt from the answers. Koretz: "You have to pick your spots. Since the council usually lets council members do what you want, you'd have to be somewhat judicious in terms of what projects you would oppose..." Vahedi (who thought the 5th and 11th districts had seen too much development): "...We [in the 5th district] would get the short end of the stick if all of sudden if we asked city council members to decide what was going to happen in our district...[NBC4]