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Sunset Widening's Latest

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For an update on the Sunset Blvd widening issue, we turn to local resident and Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, who is turning out to be a bit of a leader in the anti-widening movement. His notes from last night: "The Brentwood Community Council voted on a resolution asking Bill Rosendahl's office to immediately remove their request for funding for the project. It passed unanimously... A staff member from Rosendahl's office read a statement that said Rosendahl would “take no action” before there was a full community vetting of the expansion...Many pointed out that this was disingenuous since the act of asking for funding was undeniably taking action. There are currently 11 letters of opposition to Rosendahl's request for funding and no letters of support." [Homeowners of Brentwood, what looks to be an anti-widening blog]