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WeHo "Open House" SignGate: Discussions Underway

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It sounds like West Hollywood may be open to discussing changing some of their strict rules regarding open house real estate signs. This morning Ronald Shore, the Keller Williams Sunset agent who is lobbying to change the sign rules (part of his argument is that the rules, which forbid signs on public property, for instance, are too tough in this current economy) met for the first time with West Hollywood city officials about the issue. He was joined by James Litz of the Beverly Hills-Greater Los Angeles Board of Realtors. And? “I can’t go into specifics, but the city is being very receptive to the issue,” Shore tells us. According to Shore, there is talk of a recommendation being made, but any change wouldn’t come for months. But that’s too late! People need to unload those houses now! “I know, unfortunately," says Shore. "[City officials] have to go through their planning commission and then to the city council, but they are being incredibly receptive and cooperative, and that’s a really good thing.” We'll all have to wait to see what happens next.
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