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Orange Line Extension Coming, Businesses Going

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Ground will be broken next month on the four-mile extension of the Orange Line busway in the West Valley, with an expected ribbon-cutting in 2013. Bringing the line from Warner Center to the Chatsworth Metrolink Station on a Metro-owned corridor will require about 60 businesses that lease space to the transit agency to relocate, reports The Daily News. Metro says they're paying moving expenses for businesses with long-term leases, as well as paying the difference in the businesses' new rental rates. But Bob Jacobi, co-owner of Jacobi Building Materials, a business that will lose a chunk of space from its lot, asks, "When there are so many places going out of business either on their own or through the economy, why should the government get involved in removing more businesses?" Jack Kyser of the LA County Development Corp. counters with, "No matter where they put the extension, there would be complaints about where they put it." And on the DN comment board: questions why this packed busway isn't being converted into light-rail. [Daily News]