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Flash Ride Not So Flashy

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First, the OC Register linked to a blog post about how Disney was removing a photo editor position near the Splash Mountain ride. This is apparently news as some female riders on the ride lift up their shirts to flash the cameras in the hopes that their photo is featured on a public monitor. Or so the rumor goes. Well, it turns out Disney is removing the editor position, but that they aren't worried about the titillating flashing, which goes on far less than thought. Here's the release Disney sent to the OC Register: "In evaluating the ride photo moderation role and process, we have determined that actual inappropriate behaviors by guests are rare. We will change the staffing for this function as of May 3. Cast Members who currently are assigned to image screening positions will be redeployed to other positions that can provide greater levels of Guest service. Ride photos will continue to be monitored by Cast Members at the point of sale. In addition, the current screening system will remain intact to provide the option for management to initiate image monitoring if necessary." [OC Register]