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This Seems Problematic

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The Daily Breeze has a big story story about resistance to a proposal by Steve Shoemaker, the guy who runs the Fun Factory arcade in Redondo Beach. Shoemaker wants to put up a carousel on the site of a pier in Redondo Beach, but there are some problems, reports the Breeze: Although he maintains his innocence, Shoemaker was found guilty of possessing child pornography and is a registered sex offender. Additionally, he's also had various legal battles with the city over numerous issues. Here's city attorney Mike Webb talking to the paper. "It'll be entirely a decision for the mayor and council to make," said Webb, who tonight will raise the issue in a closed-door meeting. "(But) I do think it's a bad idea for the mayor and council to enter into a lease for a child's attraction with a registered sex offender." [Daily Breeze]