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PriceChopper: Axium CEO's Yellow Banana Drops

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It's not part of the Axium liquidation sale, but someone sure wants to sell 1140 Calle Vista Drive badly. According to court documents, the home belongs to John Visconti, the ex-CEO of Axium, the disgraced payroll services company. It came on the market in February at $8.7 million and has now dropped to $6.7 million. Meanwhile, this yellow banana of a house was named in that lawsuit brought by lender Goldentree, which alleged a company called UAF and Visconti were the same person. From the court document: "Over the last several years, title to the Calle Vista Property has been repeatedly transferred back-and-forth between UAF and John Visconti." As of today, the listing shouts: "Massive Reduction!"
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