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CurbedWire: Non-Controversial LAPD Lettering, Foothill Extension Push

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DOWNTOWN: At some point in the last couple of weeks, signage on the new Los Angeles Police headquarters at Second and Main went up. Latest news comes from ABC7 (via CityNews Service): "The Los Angeles Police Department's new headquarters will remain nameless for now because the Los Angeles City Council was unable Wednesday to find consensus for retaining the old name of Parker Center." Additionally, noted that naming the center after Mayor Tom Bradley was suggested. [Curbed Staff]

GLENDORA: The I Will Ride blog notes that there's a big collegiate rally for the Gold Line Foothill Extension Rally at Citrus College on May 7th. Via an email to Curbed, the organizers make their case for the extension: "Metro's current draft of the Long Range Transportation Plan has the Foothill Extension receiving funds in about 5 years, even though it's the most ready-to-build light rail line (according to Metro themselves). So that currently leaves the San Gabriel Valley without the Foothill Extension until 2017 (!!!!). Our goal is to get Metro to commit to funding the Foothill Extension when they finalize the LRTP this summer, which would give the Foothill Extension an opening date of 2013 (instead of 2017..)." More info via the web site. [Curbed InBox]