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Senator Still Pushing to Sell Coliseum

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Remember last year when Assemblyman Chuck DeVore of Irvine and Sen. Jeff Denham of Atwater proposed selling off the Coliseum, but then talks about the deal, which could bring in between $450 million-$750 million, broke down between USC and the commission? In an OpEd in today's LA Times, Denham explains why negotiating has been so hard: Mostly, the ownership structure is to blame (the Los Angeles, the county of Los Angeles and the state of California) all own the stadium. Writes Denham:"..I have sponsored legislation, SB 29, which would dissolve the Coliseum Commission and authorize the state to work with the city and county of Los Angeles to sell all or part of the Coliseum grounds. Again, it will take an act of the Legislature to get the commission, which represents the three-headed government monster controlling the facility, to release its grip on what is clearly an inadequate and frequently underused facility. The governments embroiled in the struggle for ultimate control will not let the Coliseum go without an order to do so." The legislation was introduced last December and the text is here. [Via flickr user sjb5]