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CurbedWire: Scientologists Get Going, UFOs in the Miracle Mile

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EAST HOLLYWOOD: For the longest time, reps from the church have said that repairs to their Fountain Avenue building, which was damaged in the 1994 Northridge earthquake, have been going on, but here's the first time that we've seen any actual progress on that tower. Immediately after taking these photos, the black-clad Scientology guards on bikes started circling, asking why we were taking photos. [Curbed Staff]

MIRACLE MILE: A reader wants to know if anyone saw a purported UFO breezing through the city last week. "Yesterday my neighbor (Miracle Mile area) told me that she was on the phone sitting on her porch Thursday April 23 around 9 pm looking towards the south east and she saw something huge, dark and quiet flying above. She said it was shaped like a half circle and had about 7 or 8 lights on it, white lights much bigger than lights on an airplane. It was up about 10,000 feet. As she watched it move it suddenly disappeared. Anyone else see anything? By the way—I did a little google search on UFOS in Los Angeles and I found this one from earlier in 09." Watch the video at your own risk. [Curbed InBox]